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Upcoming activities

Latvia meet-up

Don't stop us now! Next up we are going to Latvia for even more brainstorming and further enhancing our international business projects.

Past activities

Holiday greetings from the project staff

Illustration: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

First in-person International Teamwork on business ideas in Helsinki

Our Estonian team has crossed the Gulf of Finland and arrived safely at Haaga-Helia! Between November 15th and 16th we had our first in-person International Teamwork on business ideas in Helsinki. The spirit of SENsationalSTEM is stronger than ever, and everybody was excited to step out of the online space and continue working on our business plans face to face.

Photo: Estonian delegation walking on the street of Helsinki. Head of the delegation Meelis Joost holds a SENsationalSTEM poster in hand.
Photo: The Estonian delegation in front of the Haaga-Helia university in Helsinki.

Autumn Bootcamp in Southern Estonia

After a tour of the Eesti Agrenska Fond's historical building, SENsationalSTEM students from Estonia began workshops with mentors to further enhance their business ideas.

After many online meetings and preparation, Estonian participants finally enjoyed talking face to face and learning together about social entrepreneurship.

Meelis Joost from Estonian Chamber of People with Disabilities introduces the program for the day
Students and mentor discuss their business idea

Steering group meeting, Tuesday 17.8.2021

After the intense staff meeting, the steering group gathered online and in person to reflect on the past, present and future of the project. Using the chance to talk to each other in a half-formal setting, staff members and experts reviewed SENsationalSTEM students' business ideas and discussed challenges in implementing the project.

JA Junior Achievement alumni​ Jasmiina Kolehmainen from Puine presented her success story. It proves that young people have valuable entrepreneurial ideas, and given the right support and conditions, can create competitive businesses.

Image: Members of the steering group in Estonia at work
Image: Members of the steering group in Estonia at work, presentation on the big screen

Project staff meeting​, Monday 16.8.2021

SENsationalSTEM is getting back up to speed after a summer break! Under the current circumstances, we kicked off staff meetings with an energetic hybrid conference.

President, CEO of Haaga-Helia Teemu Kokko welcomed the everybody and shared the latest updates from Finland. Meelis Joost and Tarja Römer-Paakkanen discussed the boot camp. Last but not least, the team was joined by representatives from Junior Achievement Finland, who are looking forward to having SENsationalSTEM students at the JA Competition ”Uskalla yrittää” in Spring 2022.

Image: Staff members from EPIKoda at work.
Image: Presentation about Haaga-Helia

SPRING Meet for Students, Teachers and Mentors via Zoom

11 international student teams presented their corse business ideas to teachers and mentors. Their ideas range from reducing loneliness of older people to delivery of home-made food by robots, to beauty products.

Mentors from Estonia, Latvia and Finland were impressed and are looking forward to consulting their teams. They will help them grow and see opportunities for expansion before the next big meeting.

Thank you​ all and enjoy your sunny summer vacation! We will see you in the autumn! ​

Image: Welcoming slide from the SPRING meet presentation

Mentor training on May 5th via Zoom

On 5th of May, all of our project mentors gathered for the first time to attend mentor training. Practical presentations and discussions took place between mentors from Latvia, Estonia and Finland. We are now looking forward to the virtual Spring meet session, where students teams, who have been working with their business ideas since February, will present their achievements.

SENsationalSTEM START Camp on February 15 in Microsoft Teams

On February 15, over 80 students with special educational needs and their teachers from Estonia, Finland and Latvia gathered online to learn about entrepreneurship. The event, called START Camp, was the kickoff for the SENsationalSTEM  project  where students find their strengths and empower themselves through entrepreneurship. START Camp helped participants get acquainted with each other and start learning about business.  

Project 2nd steering group meeting 08–09 December 2020 via Zoom

SENsationalSTEM project held its 2nd steering group meeting, coordinated by our Latvian partner SUSTENTO. Feedback from teachers training was presented, general issues of the implementation and reporting were analyzed. Despite difficult COVID-19 restrictions, the project has been able to recruit participants remotely and conduct productive virtual meetings. Moreover, SUSTENTO invited the start-up company Catchbox to present their work, a very interesting addition to our meeting. We hope that by the time of the implementation of the project participants will be able to also meet face to face. Take a look at the programme and other materials of the event:

Teacher training 23–24 November 2020 via Zoom

Project partner Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki is in charge for teacher training. Representatives of 15 schools from Finland, Estonia and Latvia will be participating in the virtual training, as a physical event could not be organized due to COVID-19. Take a look at the programme and other materials of the event.

Project 1st steering group meeting 26–27 August 2020 in Tallinn

SENsationalSTEM project held its 1st steering group meeting at the premises of Lead partner EPIKoda in Tallinn. Most guest were present, some were additionally connected via Zoom. During 2 days, useful discussions took place, the project aims became clearer and it was as well the first meeting where partners got to meet each other so all partners were having a representative attending. Take a look at the programme and other materials of the event:

Steering group meeting